General information

Delivery/ collection: Delivery and collection is free of charge and is possible at our address, and at the Belgrade Airport. You can pick up and drop off vehicle of your choose out of working hours without extra charge. Domestic One Way rental is allowed for an extra charge.

Minimum rental:The minimum use of services is one day (24 hours).

Driver’s age: Minimum age 21years old. Maximum drivers age 65 years.

Drivers licence: A valid driver’s license held for at least 2 years. You must present a proof of identity (valid passport)

Deposits: Minimum 300 €. No cash deposit required for credit card holders (VISA , MASTER , DINERS and DINA ). Rental price is not a part of deposit. All rentals should be paid in advance, when taking a car, according to the valid exchange rate of the NBS.

Gasoline: Gasoline consumption is payable by the renter. Gasoline is not included in price of car rent..

Insurance: All rates include insurance against damage to a third party, and drivers and passengers life insurance (PAI). The rentals responsibility for damages up to 100 € is 100%. For damages over 100 € renter will pay compulsory participation in the damage of 100 € with the required police report.

Collision damage waiver (CDW): Renter can avoid this responsibility by paying CDW (5 € per day) and provided that collision damages were not due to violations of the Traffic Code. Any damages on tires, underneath of the car, inside the car, alarm remote control are NOT covered by CDW insurance and in case of loss or damage renter should pay 100% of the cost.

rent a car beograd
rent a car beograd

Theft: In case of vehicle theft, the renter is obliged to pay 100% damage, unless the theft is reported local police station and official police report must be present, together with original car keys and car documents. Otherwise renter will pay 100% of the car market value. Renter should always lock the car and activate alarm system when car is parked, never keep car documents in the car.

Theft protection:Is an optional service which if accepted relieves the renter from financial responsibility for loss/damage to the Cicimici Rent-A-Car vehicle by paying 5 € per day. Theft protection is valid with the police record, original keys and traffic license.

Traffic fines: Tickets and attached administrative sanctions resulting from any violation of the Serbian (SRB) Traffic Law during rental period are solely the renters responsibility. The vehicle shall not be operated:
- by any person under the inluence of alchohol or drugs;
- for any illegal purposes (criminal deeds, violation of customers and foreign exchange control regulatins),;
- use the car for renting or lending the third person;
- in motor sport events;
- for propelling or towing any vehicle trailors or parst thereof;
- when not in running order;
- for instructing drivers;
- It is not allowed to travel in following Countries: Albania, Turkey, and Kosovo. THE INSURANCE IS NOT VALID FOR THESE COUNTRIES!


Insurance is only valid if the damage or theft is reported to the police, Otherwise renter will pay 100% of the car or damage value. Purchasing additional insurance is not mandatory, it is up to you to evaluate whether you want to reduce the amount of damage / damage to the minimum amount

Additional driver: Minimum 21 Years old with a valid driven license held for at least 2 years. – no extra charge.

Taxes: All prices include 20% VAT.

Crossing the border: It is allowed to travel across Serbian (SRB) border if you obtain Cicimici Rent-A-Car written permission.